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Our Current Rate Sheet 
Interested in classified advertising?
MCAN is the way to go!

MCAN is an acronym for Mississippi Classified Advertising Network.  MCAN is a statewide classified advertising system.  You can place you classified ad in over 100 Mississippi newspapers, including Daily and Weekly papers, with a combined readership of over 2.2 Million 
with just one call and one check to

If you prefer, your classified ad can appear only in
THE BELZONI BANNER and on our website
at our local rates.

We now accept
Visa, Mastercard, Discover &
American Express!

(Mississippi Display Advertising Network)

Our MDAN ads, (2 Columns x 2 Inch ad)
Your ad is placed in participating Mississippi Newspapers.
The members increase periodically,
and the number of participating papers is now over 100
with a combined readership of over 2.2 Million!
Your ad can appear in ALL these papers
with one call and one check to

Your MDAN ad will cost $1,100.00 and be placed in over 100 papers one time.
Single Regions available at a reduced rate.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.
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We are a weekly newspaper with a circulation of 1,250
located at 115 E. Jackson Street in Belzoni, Mississippi,
The Heart of the Delta
The Catfish Capital of the World

We publish each Wednesday,
Our news and ad copy deadline is Friday at 12:00 noon

Please see our advertising rate card  below
or contact us by phone at
or fax at

We will be happy to give you a quote for your camera-ready ad,
or we will use our professional judgment to build your ad from a rough draft.

Whichever you prefer, we're sure that you will be pleased with the results
and see a good return on your advertising dollar.

We also offer a full line of Office & Computer Supplies!

P. O. Box 610
PHONE: 662-247-3373
FAX: 662-247-3372


Published every Wednesday - Circulation: 1,250
Ad Copy and News Items Deadline: 12:00 noon Friday
Column Width 1.694" (10p2 pica)
Page Size 11 Inches (6 Col.)
Page Depth 21 Inches

Display Ads (Black & White Slicks)
$5.00 Per Col. Inch. (Net)
Color: $25.00 (Net)

Classified Advertising Payable In Advance -
.25c Per Word ($5.00 Minimum) Paper ad
Please add $1.00 for Web ad

Insert Rates (Net)
Single Sheet $125.00
4 pg. tab $150.00
8 pg. tab $200.00
12 pg. tab $250.00
16 pg. tab $300.00
24 pg. tab $400.00
1,250 required